“We have had a web form for sales leads for about four years. When a customer filled it out, the form would mail the lead information to us. It worked great, but it was always a lot of trouble to get the information into our spreadsheet for followup. That problem is now gone. Thank you.”
“I needed a form to accept reservations for our monthly seminar presentations because I really need to know how many people plan to attend. With formtodata.com, I have an easy file ready for my database e-mailed to me immediately after the deadline along with a PDF of mailing labels and name tags, and even order lists and labels for the caterer with sandwich and beverage preferences and special dietary needs. WHAT A TIME SAVER!!! I love it!”
“Our web form did not check if zipcodes had the right number of digits, we had to correct them all the time—now we have a valid zipcode with timezone and even the county. User data is emailed to us for response right away, and we get a file for tracking our leads in our CRM.”
“This has saved us tremendous amounts of time—it is well worth it. Thank you for making the form look like our own web pages, it is no longer confusing to our customers.”
“We mail 10-12 product literature packets to prospective customers daily. I copied and pasted into a cover letter from each email as it came in. Now we receive a PDF of signed cover letters ready to print, and another with shipping labels with address, documents requested, and even the postage right on the sticky label! This used to take me over 2 hours and now takes under half an hour. Genius!
“The web form works so well for us that I fill in the web form when a prospective customer gives me the information by telephone. I never want to go back to the paper forms.”
“I never could have guessed how much time barcode on the return slips would save. It takes much less time [to scan] than it takes to punch it in and there are never credits to incorrect accounts. Our customer service people are really happy with this. Invoices and orders are processed correctly. I want to talk to you about making a unique order code that we can use the barcodes on . . .”

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